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Massage crânien

History of Kobido

The kobido was born in 1472 during a competition between two of the greatest masters of Anma* (precursor of shiatsu) in an inn in Suruga, south of Mount Fuji.

This competition lasted for months without being able to designate a winner. The two great masters then combined their talents  in order to  create a new house called Kobido.

* therapeutic massage of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

KO = old  Bi = beauty  Do = way  

The traditional way to beauty.

Kobido is an art from a sophisticated & ancestral Japanese tradition which at the time was exclusively reserved for the Empress & her courtesans: the secret of their great beauty.


The kobido is extremely technical, it crosses the centuries, adapts to the world and to the times but above all retains its fundamentals.

His techniques are so numerous that we like to say that there are 1000  Kobido for every 1000 faces.


histoire du kobido
Ancre 1

Kobido techniques

The ancestral techniques of Kobido are unique, centered on a special treatment based on percussion,offlexionsandhand realignment. Depending on the part of the face where they are applied, there are several variants that alternate diametrically opposed gestures. They can be extremely light, followed or preceded by others that are deeper & slower or even faster & aerial. It is precisely this diversity of gestures that makes it an exceptional massage, both authentic & original, with surprising effectiveness.

The benefits of kobido

Détente bien-être, relaxation, lacher-prise méditation

Kobido massage gives back to the face 

The kobido massage allows us to reach the Alpha waves, which promote relaxation, calm & lower the level of stress. This state is well known by those & those who practice meditation where one immerses oneself in the here & now in order to promote the benefits

techniques du kobido
bienfaits du kobido

Course of a session



Each Kobido massage I perform on the face will be worked with accuracy & intention.

I always start my session with a little time of slow & deep breathing in order to soothe body tensions and refocus the mind.

After a quick diagnosis, I start the session with extremely light gestures.

The massage then continues with movements   for rstretch the tissues in order to prepare them for the next steps which are:


The drainingwho frees  the tissues of its toxins through the lymphatic system

The stimulation,in order to oxygenate & tone the fibres,

Re-educationin order to sculpt, reshape the volumes.

The kobido boosts the organism, awakens the fibres. Over the course of the sessions, it stimulates the natural processes of the skin for a lasting result over time.  


Thanks to  a personalized & regular program, this natural facelift brings beauty & health to your face.

Déroulement d'une séance

Why the kobido?

Keeping the youth of her face is the sometimes unacknowledged dream of every woman.


However, don't the signs of time reflect a history, a singularity, a charm too? And, although inevitable, do they not represent   the very symbolism of the living?


Understanding a face as a whole


Under the skin of our face hides anetwork of muscles linked together by tendons   or attached directly to the skin itself. Each contraction will thus solicit it and modify its expression.


Beneath this network of fibers is ourbone structurewhich, let's not forget, also ages, thus rectifying the architecture of our face.


And then when we are young, the skin is at its zenith:The lipid layers (Bichat balls),energy & protective reserve make the face plump and plump,  very smooth but over time, these fatty tissues melt away & thus change the features of the face.


lifting naturel kobido

Facial beauty & health

It is commonly accepted that aging depends on  deour genetics but external elements linkedlargely to our modern lifestyles accentuate its process: Excessive exposure to the sun, harmful food hygiene, stress, lack of sleep, cigarettes, various pollutions...


Taking care of the health & beauty of your   face naturally is above all a holistic approach in which the  kobido massage will find its full dimension.

Pourquoi le kobido
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